Due to Covid-19 guidelines & stipulations, please contact us about acceptable donations. If you would like to volunteer please call (219) 318-2338.
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Redemption Enterprises, Inc.

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About REI

Redemption Enterprises Inc. Servicing The Ones In Need

Our calendar is regularly updated to provide details on when and where Redemption Enterprises, Inc. events are planned. Our community events are accessible to everyone, and we encourage you to volunteer to help out or donate to support our initiatives. Use our REI events calendar to plan your time with us and make a difference in the lives of others.

Contact Us If You Are Intrerested In Helping

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Thank You To Our Donors,
We Appreciate Your Kindness.

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Donations To Help Our Cause

Every dollar counts. It is a literal statement that makes a significant impact on individuals and families who live hand to mouth, not knowing when they will eat next. Our organization relies on donations to support our work and to help the people who need it most. A one-dollar contribution can supply three meals for a single person, so each charitable donation makes a meaningful difference. Food, clothing, shelter, and education are just a few of the initiatives sustained by generous supporters. Please consider donating items like clothing or household supplies, or making a financial contribution by cash, check, or using our donation link.

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Volunteering For Our Cause

Volunteering is the simplest and most selfless act of community service a person can offer. As a valued supporter of the mission, you provide inspirational motivation to others. Please contact us and let us know you are interested in volunteering. There are no time commitment requirements and no fees to assist in our community programs. 

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Thursdays & Saturdays:
11 am - 2 pm - Pantry On Wheels Deliveries